Test-driving ‘free scan’ tune-up suites

Fred Langa

Even on well-maintained systems, free system scanners might find hundreds of “problems,” as I discovered from a test of three products from well-known companies.

These suites typically offer to fix system problems — for a fee — but are these problems real or just scare tactics to drum up sales?

Long-time LangaList Plus readers know I’m a firm believer in PC maintenance. I regularly use various tune-up/cleanup tools on my PCs, and I know the good ones really do help keep systems clean, fast, and stable.

But some tune-up/cleanup tools seem to raise more questions than they answer. Consider this note from Windows Secrets paid subscriber Norman C. Freitas:

  • “I recently installed Corel’s WinZip System Utilities. Its free PC scan reported:

    “‘2,447 privacy traces detected, 529 registry issues found, 32 junk items detected, 6 outdated drivers found, and Registry Optimization recommended.’

    “I am hesitant to pay to activate the software to ‘fix’ the reported problems without additional information. Help!”

I don’t blame Norman — I’d want more information, too.

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