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Subscribers to the paid version of Windows Secrets are familiar with Fred Langa’s weekly LangaList Plus. This week, everyone can enjoy the best of the 2013 columns.

These Q & A sessions are for computer users of all levels. Many paid Windows Secrets readers save these articles for future troubleshooting reference.

It appears that the most popular stories were those about keeping Windows XP alive and those on coping with Windows 8. Computing security was another hot topic. That’s really no surprise. All three topics reflect the significant challenges to personal computing during 2013.

(Editor’s note: Some of the information in the following stories has been updated.)

No-reformat reinstalls for all Windows versions

A nondestructive Windows reinstall completely refreshes the operating system but retains your user accounts, data, passwords, and/or installed programs. This type of repair takes a fraction of the time required for a standard, full reinstall — and it’s much, much easier to do.

I’ve covered nondestructive reinstalls for previous versions of Windows in several earlier stories. See, for example, the July 14, 2011, Top Story, “Win7’s no-reformat, nondestructive reinstall.” The process for Vista is nearly identical. For Windows XP, check out the 2006 InformationWeek article, “XP’s no-reformat, nondestructive total-rebuild option.”

Reader William Searle wondered about this capability in Windows 8.

  • “Is there a Win8 version of the ‘no-reformat, nondestructive reinstall?'”

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