Top iPad apps for Windows users: Part II

Woody leonhard By Woody Leonhard

Getting an iPad to peacefully co-exist with your Windows gear is easier than you think.

With 500,000 or so iOS apps now available in the iTunes App Store — 100,000 of which are just for the iPad — and a whole lot of very smart people working on bridging the interplanetary gaps between Apple’s tablet and Windows, an iPad can be the best peripheral your PC ever had. Or vice-versa. In my Aug. 18 Top Story, I talked about two apps that no iPad-owning Windows user should be without. iTunes on Windows not only tethers the iPad but can be used in clever ways to perform all sorts of magic on the tablet; TeamViewer lets you run your PC remotely from an iPad, from across the living room, or halfway around the world.

The response to that article was remarkably — but not surprisingly — bipolar!

Some of you thanked me for finally tackling the diminutive 800-pound gorilla that’s shaking the technological foundations of many companies, not to mention formerly Windows-only households such as mine.

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