Unpatched software abounds on user systems

Scott dunn By Scott Dunn

Readers of the Aug. 16 issue of Windows Secrets took our advice and used the Secunia Software Inspector service in droves.

The results show that — even though our readers are more tech-savvy than the average computer user — thousands of you apparently still use computers with unpatched software.

Software Inspector finds many unpatched apps

After we recommended that our readers use Secunia.com’s Software Inspector, the link we provided was clicked more than 63,000 times. The service scans PCs for applications that lack available security patches.

Secunia.com provides us with aggregate counts of the number of products installed and the percentage that are unpatched. No personal information is collected. Table 1, below, shows the top 20 unpatched applications installed on the systems of Windows Secrets readers. (Several readers ran the scan more than once, which is why some apps show up more than 63,000 times.)

The figures reveal that many people haven’t patched their media players and other run-time software: Java, Flash, QuickTime, Adobe Reader, and RealPlayer. This exposes you to infected media files. I’ll explain below how you can keep these apps patched and your computer safer.

Table 1. Unpatched products on Windows Secrets readers’ systems.

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