Vista ‘resume’ bug plagues laptop users

Scott dunn By Scott Dunn

A Microsoft engineer slammed Vista’s ReadyBoost feature as the source of a maddening bug, only to withdraw his charge the next day.

Whether or not ReadyBoost is to blame for the bug — which brings laptops to a crawl when resuming from sleep or hibernation mode — the problem remains a mystery for many who use Vista.

Microsoft engineer reports ‘Vista suckage’

In a July 7 post entitled “Vista ReadyBoost Suckage & Vista resume sluggishness,” Microsoft security software engineer Robert Hensing identified an apparent bug in which Vista can take several minutes to resume after a portable computer is put into sleep or hibernation mode.

“The disk just freaking thrashes and the HDD [hard disk drive] light stays on pretty much solid and the whole machine is pretty much unusable for about 5–8 minutes until the disk ‘settles down,’ ” he wrote.

Nearly identical symptoms had been reported previously in blogs such as jkOnTheRun and Kevtris.

During the sluggish resume, Hensing noticed that Vista was writing several hundred megabyes per minute to the Flash drive he used for his ReadyBoost cache. ReadyBoost is a new Vista feature that uses a USB Flash drive as additional memory, as described by Microsoft. Hensing discovered that his notebook computer resumed Vista in just a few seconds if he removed the Flash drive during sleep mode.

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