Ways to secure a router — and other helpful tips

Fred Langa

In this special-edition LangaList Plus column, a half-dozen easily implemented settings can help make your Wi-Fi setup much harder to crack, snoop, or poach.

Plus: Scheduling Windows Defender malware scans in Win8, mirroring a solid-state drive, a DIY CPU-cooler repair, and recommending a free taskbar-tweaking utility.

Proven techniques to secure your Wi-Fi network

Information in a Microsoft TechNet article made Windows Secrets reader David Dooley wonder about some advice he’d read in Windows Secrets.

  • “In Fred’s article, ‘Routers using WPS are intrinsically unsafe’ [Dec. 13, 2012, Top Story], he suggests disabling a router’s service set identifier — in effect telling the device to not broadcast its SSID.

    “However, one of the TechNet links in Fred’s article states that some Windows computers will advertise the SSIDs of previously connected wireless networks.

    “Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of hiding or not broadcasting the SSID?”

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Fred Langa

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