Win10 build 10122: Two steps forward, one back

Woody Leonhard

May’s Win10 build 10122 release is a bit shaky, but many of its new features are coming into sharper focus.

Improvements include a more functional Edge browser, a cleaner start menu, a much-improved Tablet Mode — and even the return of an optional Win7-style backup/restore.

To start, a note on installing May’s build. As of this writing, build 10122 is currently unavailable as an ISO download. If you haven’t installed Win10 Preview or if you want a completely clean setup, you’ll first have to go to the Windows 10 Insider Preview page and download the ISO for April’s build 10074. You must then go to Settings/Update & Security/Advanced options and select the Fast option. If you then select Check for updates, you’ll find build 10122, which comes from the fbl_impressive branch (“FBL” = “Feature Branch Level”).

Also, be sure all updates for build 10074 are installed before upgrading to May’s build 10122. Oh, and don’t be in a rush to start testing the latest build — the download-and-install process can take an hour or so, especially if you’re running Win10 on a virtual machine.

Problems for systems using AMD graphics

Build 10122 is clearly showing some development pains as the operating system approaches its formal release date, reportedly sometime around late July. In fact, this might be the most unstable build we’ve seen, based on reports from some users who are well acquainted with Win10.

My problems with build 10122 centered on my test system’s AMD graphics cards. I had a horrendous experience — until I installed a May 22 AMD-driver update. If your Win10 test system uses AMD graphics (either on the main chip or on a video card), be sure to immediately open Win10’s Windows Update and the drivers, along with all other pending patches. If you’re not in a hurry, you can leave the system running overnight — and the updates should be installed automatically.

Be sure to read Windows mahaguru Gabe Aul’s official announcement for a quick overview of the changes in build 10122. You should also read the “known issues” section at the bottom of the post. It mentions the problem with AMD graphics and also notes that the upgrade to this build fails with an “error 0x80070057 — 0x20007” message.

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