Windows 2003 SP1: good but troublesome

Brian livingston By Brian Livingston

Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows Server 2003 was released by Microsoft on April 6, and the many benefits of this upgrade are now being weighed against some minor and not-so-minor incompatibilities it introduces.

Containing significant security improvements, as well as nonsecurity updates, 2003 SP1 has several things going for it:

The Security Configuration Wizard helps server administrators disable unneeded services and close ports that are invitations to hackers.

An improved Windows Firewall now shuts off inbound Internet connectivity while setting up and during bootup and shutdown to provide additional protection against intrusions at vulnerable moments.

VPN Quarantine allows you to deny access to PCs that connect to your servers via virtual private networks but are not up-to-date with security software you require.

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