Working with Windows 10 Preview, build 10041

Woody Leonhard

After a nearly two-month hiatus, Microsoft has finally released a new Windows 10 Technical Preview build.

You might run into a few hurdles when installing build 10041, but the changes and new features are worth the effort.

Installing Windows 10 Tech Preview 10041

I shouldn’t have to say this, but there are undoubtedly some Windows users who didn’t get the message: If you’re starting with build 10041, don’t install Win10 Preview on a production system. Windows 10 is still far from finished — things will break! (If you’ve been testing an earlier build ofWin10 Preview, I assume you already know this.) That’s not just a Windows exhortation, it’s true for any beta OS.

Install the preview on a spare PC (just about any PC made in the past five years will do) or on a virtual machine using VM software (VirtualBox [site] or Windows 8.1’s Hyper-V, for example) — or take the longer, more complicated way around by setting up a dual-boot system.

Also, you can’t install Win10 Preview, build 10041, directly. At this time, Microsoft hasn’t released the installation files — the ISO — yet. The only sane way to get to build 10041 is to start with build 9926 and use Win10’s internal updating tool.

UPDATE: Microsoft has posted the ISO files for build 10041 on the Windows Insider site.

Sign in and click the Get started – PC button. Scroll down the “Before you install” page and click Get the preview. Click the download the ISO files link and follow the instructions on the “Download Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO March Update” page.

If you’re already running build 9926, the Web is full of advice for installing it. If you’re starting from a Win7 or Win8/8.1 machine that you wish to upgrade, there’s a quick tutorial on Microsoft’s Win10 Technical Preview download site. Otherwise, you can download the ISO files (site) and set up a VM or dual-boot as usual. See the following Windows Secrets stories for help with setting up build 9926.

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