Traveling with Digital Tech (ebook)

The Windows Secrets guide to mobile computing, media sharing, and digital entertainment on the road

Traveling with Digital Tech

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We love traveling. They give us a break from the usual routine and let us spend more time discovering places or visiting friends and family. But traveling can also be stressful – especially when it comes to bringing some entertainment or adapting your technology for the road. We can’t help you with cramped plane seats or long hours in the car, but we can give you helpful tips on mobile computing and on-the-road digital entertainment.

For any traveling occasion, we’ve combed the Windows Secrets archives and created a special-edition ebook devoted to using your mobile devices plus sharing and enhancing those many digital images and video you’ll no doubt take while traveling.

In section 1, “Mobile computing,” we start with tips and tricks for taking digital devices on your journeys – both long and short. We continue with some reviews of portable devices for both home and travel. And we cover how to synch your information between those devices and get your data anywhere.

Section 2, “Sharing media,” gives you the scoop on the easiest ways to share photos, spruce up and send videos for free, and more.

Section 3, “Entertainment on the road,” has tips on enjoying multimedia while on the road. Do you want stream video or listen to your digital tunes while visiting Aunt Sue? We’ve got the info you need.

We hope this ebook will make your journeys a little brighter and a bit easier! Happy Windows computing! —The Windows Secrets Newsletter


Table of Contents



  • Tips for traveling with digital devices
  • Traveling with tech: A geek goes to Rome
  • Forgotten Windows control app for mobile users
  • Three cardinal rules of mobile computing
  • MS Surface Pro 2 — the only PC you need?
  • Moving data — from PC to phone to TV to cloud
  • Use your smartphone to take Windows online
  • How to transfer files from Windows to the iPad
  • Protect yourself from laptop radiation and heat


Part 2: Sharing Media

  • Dropbox makes the easiest way to send photos
  • Unusual photo and video effects from Microsoft
  • Free photo editors vs. Photoshop Elements
  • Edit, spruce up, and share your videos for free


Part 3: Entertainment on the road

  • From PC to HDTV via Google’s Chromecast
  • Quality digital audio at home and on the road
  • Apps for building and organizing a music library


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