A 12 days of Christmas plus five Wacky favorites

Wacky Web Week

Children in our extended families believe in magic — flying reindeer, for example — during the winter holidays.

The more ordinary animals in our households, on the other hand, tend to believe in food — all year round — and maybe in the good will of their humans, too. In this video, a great many companion animals tolerate special holiday-time attention from their people, which comes at them in the form of cameras, lights, and funny hats.

Nobody knows how many pounds of cheese, cookies, and birdseed were consumed in the making of this video, but we hope you enjoy it — and however many partridges in a pear tree seem right and pleasing. Click below or go to the original YouTube video.

You might also enjoy reprises of the five most popular Wackies of 2015, which you can view below.

1: Unintended consequences of selfie-stick abuse

Just as you catch up with the art and science of selfies, you discover a newly extending hazard: selfie sticks.

In the old days, selfies happened at arm’s length. But now, narcissistic self-regard has easily parodied consequences, as you can see in this video. Beware the range of a selfie stick! Click below or go to the original YouTube video.

2: The bird who might beat you at chess

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