Because of how you look: Through Google Glass

Wacky Web Week

When Jason Jones of the Daily Show reviewed Google Glass recently, he interviewed six Glass Explorers (the official term for Google Glass early adopters).

It would be fairer to say he mocked them to their Glass-bedecked faces, from start of the segment to the end of it. The comedy might have been broad, but it nicely identified more at issue for Glass critics than the look: the fancy glasses are cameras (and phones and browsers and so on).

Naturally, the Glass Explorers defend their position at the head of the technology pack. They might be subject to muggings in the street and assaults in bars (“hate crimes,” asserts one of the evangelists). But in another year, they sincerely believe, everyone will be wearing Glass.

Based on this amusing — and thought-provoking — skit, we can only hope that’s not the case. Click below or go to the original video.

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