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With All Hallows Eve coming, it’s the perfect time for Web sites with creepy crawly things that slither in the night. Fortunately for us, scary Web sites aren’t all infested with computer viruses and worms. One of the best for Hallowe’en ghoulishness is Bloody Finger Mail (left), a unique free service that you can play with to your heart’s content.

When you visit Bloody Finger Mail, you first click “Send a Bloody Message” to start the show. After a few moments for the effect to load, you write your message in blood on an appropriately creepy wall using your mouse as a pointer. A bloody finger (what else) helps you smear your words for all to see.

When you’re finished with your last writes, click Send. You then fill in your name and e-mail address and the same information for the person you wish to send a message to. That lucky recipient doesn’t get the actual image in his or her inbox. Instead, a plain-text message invites your loved one to visit a Web page where an animation of the masterpiece you recorded (in full motion) is waiting for their viewing pleasure.

Since people are understandably freaked out about hoaxes and malware on the Internet these days, you might want to send your correspondents an ordinary e-mail message in advance (to advise them that the following message is actually from you). Even better, send the first message to yourself so you can see what people should be prepared to receive.

The Bloody Finger Mail site isn’t new, but it’s a classic waste of bandwidth that becomes all the more timely around Hallowe’en. It’s a production of Engine Digital, a design firm with offices in Vancouver, B.C., New York, and Los Angeles.

Have fun, and don’t stay out all night!

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