Is that a good spot over there?

Parking  It’s a vehicular jungle out there, with packed traffic, surly drivers, and a paucity of parking places, all begging the question, “Where the Sam Hill is everyone going to park?”

With a large portion of the population behind the wheel, there’s a growing trend that makes it seem OK for drivers to park as though they had their eyes closed. The adherents of this cult feel it’s acceptable to park diagonally, to park way too close to your car, and — if they drive a particularly gargantuan SUV — that by some anomaly of the space-time continuum their corpulent chariot qualifies as a “compact.”

If you’ve ever felt powerless against these irritating infractors, fear no longer. Simply print out a citation from the following Web site (which has an unprintable name), slap said citation on the offender’s windshield, and walk away triumphantly! Visit the site


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