Light show plus 10 popular 2013 Wacky videos

Wacky Web Week

If your ambition were a world tour to view holiday decorations, you’d have a destination in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The statistics are impressive: 300,000 lights, 7,000 man-hours to construct the display, 30,000 cable ties, and two enthusiastic humans hosting the show. After this extravaganza, you can view other videos (below) that most pleased viewers in 2013. Play the video

#1 Uneasy lives of dogs in cats’ houses

Wacky Web Week

In the shared lives of domestic dogs and cats, it’s fair to say that cats often exert more power than their relatively smaller sizes might indicate.

Safe in its home environment, a cat can be just as inclined to be “top dog” as any dog is. This video is a tribute to mannerly dogs flummoxed — and even intimidated — by feline occupation of a dog’s special place. Watch how various dogs take matters into their own paws and teeth. Play the video

#2 Thanks to Lizzy, the level-headed chicken

Wacky Web Week

How often have you been entertained by someone discussing the virtues of two-axis image stabilization?

This witty ad, “Galluscam,” for the LG G2 camera might stick in your mind — along with the concept it illustrates. Play the video

#3 Ice cubes bigger than chunks of Manhattan

Wacky Web Week

In May 2008, filmmakers were on hand to witness a calving event in western Greenland — the largest ever recorded on video.

The retreat of the Ilulissat Glacier roiled the ocean for 75 minutes and momentarily sent chunks of ice twice the height of Manhattan skyscrapers into the air. This footage is part of the award-winning film, “Chasing Ice.” It puts a whole new spin on the phrase “on the rocks.” Play the video

#4 Broadway Bombers skate through NYPD blockade

Wacky Web Week

New York’s famed Broadway is one of the city’s oldest streets. Well known for its shops, shows, eateries, and hundreds of yellow taxis, it has recently become the site for a highly unofficial, annual skateboarders’ race, the Broadway Bomb.

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