Replicator duplicates gold, now only $250,000 at eBay

Gold replicator   Quick! You only have three days left to bid on the world’s first Gold Replicator before the auction for this valuable fortune-building device ends at eBay. According to the seller’s description, the replicator will duplicate any metal placed into it — gold, platinum, etc. — without consuming any raw materials.

Bids start at a mere $250,000 USD. No bids have been received yet, but the canniest bidders are probably just waiting until the last minute to show their hands.

The seller is known as “earthtimetraveler.” He previously offered the Real Time Machine in June 2004 for the bargain price of $219. The Gold Replicator is obviously much more advanced, considering the starting bid.

We e-mailed him, asking why he was selling what he says is his only copy of the replicator, instead of simply using it to make all the gold he could ever need. He replied promptly, saying the proceeds would be plowed back into more technology for “genetic dating, time travel, electronic mood adjusters, human happiness research, etc.” Boy, that’s one busy guy.

Mr. Traveler should probably generate another gold bar to buy himself some new Web graphics. His eBay-hosted photos of bullion (photo, left) and the device itself are lifted from the first page of Google Images for

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