Save $500 by changing one byte of code

Digital camera enthusiasts were pleasantly surprised last fall when Canon released its 6-megapixel EOS 300D unit (at left in photo) for a list price of only $899 (currently about $775 street at This was hundreds of dollars below Canon’s very similar EOS 10D (at right), which had shipped earlier for $1,499 (about $1,275 street).

Although the newer camera lacked many of the customizable features of its older sibling, the sub-$1,000 price of the “prosumer” 300D led the authoritative Digital Photography Review to say at the time, “This camera is probably the most fundamentally important step for digital SLR’s since the introduction of the Nikon D1.”

Now the reviewers have found that the 300D contains the same basic firmware as the 10D — and changing a single byte in the code enables all those “customizable” features! They say this and other tips instantly add $500 to the value of the model.

Click the “more info” link below, then scroll down to “What Is the Russian Firmware Hack?” for details. The change voids the camera’s warranty, of course, but you might find that worthwhile. More info


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