Save Them Goldfish!

Here’s a Flash game that’s sure to infuriate the most environmentally sensitive among you, but also provide a lot of fun for everyone else. Save Them Goldfish! is a challenge to your mouse-hand coordination. You, a hard-working student, return to your dorm room to find that your slovenly roommate has decided your pet goldfish would make tasty snacks. You open your door just as he’s tossing your fishy friends into a hot frying pan, one at a time. You must snare the wriggling fishies with your mouse and drag them back into their goldfish bowl before they roast. After you’ve saved a few, your roommate starts dropping them into the pan two at a time, and things get more interesting from there.

With this game, it’s actually a good idea to read the rules for a minute before playing the first time. Also, the game has an audio track, so turn down your speakers if you’re in an office cubicle.

The game is the invention of, the online bookstore for students. You’ll see ads for eCampus here and there on the site, but they’re easy to ignore. No actual goldfish were harmed in the making of this game, so you can stop with the outraged phone call to Greenpeace now… Play the game


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