The best of Wacky Web Week — 2011

By The Windows Secrets staff

When it came to the most popular Wacky Web Week for 2011, it was no contest. The most viewed video showed our churlish baristas dishing out their pointed opinions on how coffee should be consumed. And we thought this was just a Seattle phenomenon!

So for 2011’s best of Wacky Web Week, we start you off with “Purchasing the morning brew turns ugly.” We follow with other popular videos and finish off with our own favorite of 2011 — just because we never get tired of watching it. Enjoy!

#1 Purchasing the morning brew turns ugly

Buying coffee turns ugly What’s more annoying than a waiter at a four-star French restaurant? Possibly that barista with attitude working at your local coffeehouse.

Here in Seattle, coffee is consumed with a nearly religious fervor. So we know all about ordering our morning espresso from some finicky, coffee-slinging artisan. But even we would have trouble with these two purveyors. Play the video

Hedge too high #2 For one canine athlete, a hedge too high

When we reach beyond our abilities, the consequences can often be painful — even tragic. But sometimes it can be downright funny. In this case, a dog badly misjudges its ability to jump and has a full-body encounter with a hedge. With some quick thinking, the dog finds a way through the obstacle. Play the video

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