Would you like fries with that?

One of the funniest animations I’ve seen has recently come along to help us have a wacky day.

A voice very much like Jack Nicholson’s provides the audio track for a Jack-in-the-Box talking head in this clever claymation video. The dialog that results is hilarious but in no way kid stuff, although it’s fairly clean (a couple of minor exceptions are bleeped out). You may wish to turn your PC speakers down so the whole office doesn’t get the drift.

The production is by Jamie Clay, a compositor who uses Discreet.com’s 3D Studio Max rendering software. His home page explains that he temporarily had to stop hosting this .wmv file, not because the hamburger chain complained, but because he’d used someone’s toy car in the stop-action animation without their approval! The 1:20 video, entitled “Fry Day (Out)” is now hosted by Daryl Dulong, a staff member of the University of Rochester whose site has lots of other cool parodies as well. Fry Day page

My thanks to reader Herb Hizer for this multimedia tip.

click to open description page Geek-proof cup warmer turns itself on and off
I don’t know what it is about cup warmers, but my Sept. 18 review of them has generated more reader e-mails than almost any other subject that’s ever been featured in Brian’s Buzz.

For that issue, I tried my darndest to find a warming pad that would keep coffee or tea piping hot and then automatically shut off so the remaining liquid wouldn’t turn into brown tar by the end of the day. My searching was all to no avail. But then reader Steven Buschman pointed me to the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer (above right). This $15.60 item not only turns itself off after 30 minutes, but the weight of the cup turns the warming element on and off when your drink is put down and picked up. Buschman says:

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