Windows Secrets’ new website

Tracey Capen 1 An update on the Windows Secrets newsletter

Welcome to the new

As all things must, Windows Secrets is adapting and changing. In this first of a series of improvements, we’ve mostly tinkered under the hood — the new site works and looks much like the old. I say “mostly” because there are visible enhancements we think you’ll like.

The most significant change for is a new, more powerful engine; it’s now based on the WordPress Web-content management system — an industry-standard platform that allows us to update the site more quickly and add new forms of content.

Why we migrated to WordPress

Since its inception nearly seven years ago, has run on a proprietary Web-publishing system — a somewhat patched-together platform that made updating the site time consuming, expensive, and far too challenging.

So, much like Windows itself, which moved from old legacy code to a considerably more sophisticated and powerful platform, we’ve moved Windows Secrets site to WordPress, a highly flexible and powerful web-publishing system.

WordPress is the poster child for a successful open-source application. Starting out as a rudimentary blogging tool, it’s vast community of volunteer coders has built it into the premiere web-publishing platform . It’s now the foundation for many thousands of websites.

Using WordPress — and its many add-on tools — will enable to display stories in new ways and emerging types of content delivery systems.

What’s new — features and benefits

Exceptional flexibility: Using WordPress as our publishing platform will provide us with exceptional flexibility to more quickly make changes and improvements to the site.

New forms of content, new delivery options: Windows Secrets’ newsletter format has served its readers well for many years. But successful websites cannot rely solely on a weekly news cycle. By moving to WordPress, will have the ability to put up time-sensitive stories — such as unexpected patch releases — immediately.

How subscribers read newsletters is also changing. Tablet PCs, smartphones, podcasts, and other forms of content delivery are now commonplace. Our new publishing platform gives us the ability to deliver our stories to the device of your choice.

Usability improvements: You’ll find a more obvious improvement in the “Newsletter Archives” — tabs for our most popular columns written by Fred Langa, Woody Leonhard, Susan Bradley — and, of course, the must-view Wacky Web Weekly. These tabs will make finding Fred’s troubleshooting tips or Susan’s latest patch updates quicker and easier.

Improved performance: Along with our platform migration, this site update includes a web-server upgrade, which will improve the speed and performance of the the Windows Secrets site (the Windows Secrets Lounge, too).

Future enhancements: More updates to follow will provide a more seamless user experience as you move between the newsletter, the website, and the Lounge.

Your participation

How to report problems: You may do so via the Feedback form link at the top of the page, or via the contact form.

Although we’d love to answer all of your questions about the new site directly, our resources are limited. We kindly ask that you submit requests/issues via the feedback form or by e-mail (

All of us at Windows Secrets thank you for your support and input.

Tracey Capen, editor in chief