Bootable rescue CDs can fix your damaged Windows

Mark edwards By Mark Joseph Edwards

When your system is so corrupt with malware that it becomes unstable or won’t even boot, a bootable rescue CD can give it the scrubbing it needs.

The free anti-malware rescue CDs I describe today have all the tools you need to remove viruses and restore Windows’ health.

Two anti-malware rescue CDs outshine the others

When your PC is infected with one or more types of vicious malware, the machine may behave erratically or not boot at all. The best cure is to boot the system using another OS and scan the PC’s hard drives to find and remove the malware.

But how can you do all that without installing a whole new OS? The answer is simple: use a bootable anti-malware rescue CD.

At a minimum, such a CD should contain a decent anti-malware scanner, although such CDs usually include other helpful tools, such as a partition manager and Web browser. You boot your system from the rescue CD, select options from a menu, and let the tool scan your PC to detect and possibly remove malware. Hopefully, that process resolves your problems.

Some desktop anti-malware solutions allow you to create a rescue disk. However, there are at least six vendors who make standalone, downloadable rescue CDs that anyone can get their hands on: Avast!, AVG (formerly Grisoft), Avira, BitDefender, F-Secure, and Kaspersky. All of these solutions are offered for free except the ones from AVG and Avast.

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