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Network your computers & devices
Setting up a complete home network can be both extremely frustrating and exceedingly rewarding. Well-designed home networks give quick access to documents, storage, printing, and the Internet from anywhere in your house.

Network Your Computers & Devices, Step by Step, by Ciprian Adrian Rusen, is a complete guide to setting up a Windows home network. It starts with installing routers and network components and goes on to cover user accounts; creating a network; sharing Windows libraries, files, and folders; and many other essential networking topics.

This month, all Windows Secrets subscribers can download an excerpt: Chapter 9, Streaming Media Over the Network and the Internet. This chapter gives you the fundamental steps for setting up Media Player, making playlists, and streaming your media over a network.

If you want to download this free excerpt, simply visit your preferences page, save any changes, and a download link will appear.

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