Skype kills third-party IM client support

For a while now, I’ve managed Skype IMs — and all other chat protocols — through Trillian. Yesterday, however, Trillian would no longer connect with Skype (right on publishing day, of course, when our somewhat scattered staff needs to communicate quickly).

It appears that Microsoft/Skype has dropped support for SkypeKit, the code that allows IM clients such as Trillian to connect to the Skype service. This was reportedly announced a year ago, but those of us who are not Skype developers didn’t get the message.According to a Cerulean Studios post, there is no immediate fix coming for Trillian. Based on other blog posts, Cerulean has many unhappy users.

One possible solution was Pidgin, which supported Skype via a third-party plugin. This, unfortunately, does not seem to work anymore either. (The drawback of using the Pidgin/plugin combo was that Skype had to be up and running.)

Oddly, on a test Mac, Adium and its Skype plugin still functions — as of today. (Perhaps Skype doesn’t know about Adium.)

If you know of a Windows-based IM that still works with Skype, pass it along to or post it in the Windows Secrets Lounge thread.

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