Support Alert has merged with Windows Secrets

Ian “Gizmo” Richards, left, the former editor of the Support Alert Newsletter, is the new senior editor of a larger, combined publication: Windows Secrets & Support Alert. (This unwieldly name will be shortened after a transitional period.) Merging the two publications into a single effort gives us more free time to write new stuff for you, our readers. All of the old Support Alert articles are now posted at See today’s Introduction for details.

As a special get-acquainted gift, all subscribers may download Gizmo’s new e-book: 9 Free Programs Every PC Should Have. You can immediately download anduse any of the recommended programs. To get your own copy of this 38-page printable PDF file at no charge, simply visit your newsletter preferences page at and update your preferences as you wish. You’ll see a download link after you click the Save button.

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